Integrative Psychotherapy and QNRT


My overall goal is to assist you in working through unhealthy emotional patterns so you can live from a restored sense of health and wholeness. 


the approach

My approach is strength based, client centered, and holistically addresses all levels of functioning – cognitive, emotional, physical, behavioral and spiritual. Through combining integrative psychotherapy, QNRT, mindfulness and other integrative methods, clients learn the resources to create a fuller, healthier expression of the life they choose to live. They report being able to quickly manifest what they want in life, feeling empowered with self-care practices, and feeling increased aliveness and spiritual awareness of their soul’s purpose.


I specialize in working with the following issues:



*life transitions

*body image

*adjustment problems/stress

*relationship issues



*chronic pain

*co-dependency recovery

*grief and loss

*chronic health issues


I incorporate many resources in the sessions, including:

  • QNRT™ - Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (see below)

  • Guided imagery

  • Art therapy

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (tapping on acupressure points to desensitize emotional triggers)

  • Breath and body awareness practices

  • Mindfulness Meditation practices

  • Inner Child Dialogue work

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy


What is QNRT and how does it help?

If our behaviors create our life experiences, then what creates our behaviors?
Our beliefs, which are created by past programming or imprints from our family, our culture, our environment. We then become influenced by these beliefs, which are often false and sabotage us without our knowing it because they are hidden in the subconscious brain.


Through Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy one can access and release dysfunctional beliefs from the body, mind and emotions. This brings you clarity, freedom, greater self love, and an ability to draw into your life the positive experiences you choose!

QNRT™ - Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy
Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is a protocol that initiates a quantum shift by resetting the brain from emotional shocks and trauma lodged in their nervous system. It uses applied kinesiology  and a cold hand held laser to determine which parts of the brain are out of balance, and then a variety of tools to reset those nervous system pathways so clients can experience optimum health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Check out the “What to expect in a QNRT session with Nancy Saslow, M.A. Certified QNRT Practitioner” guide.

Please visit for further information or listen to Dr. Turner's introductory video below:



Here’s what people are saying about QNRT:

“QNRT as treatment is amazing. Without experiencing it, I would never have believed the changes that occur would ever be possible. I never realized how much anxiety I experienced on a daily basis. I now feel more grounded and more solidly myself, the self I used to be, or maybe the self I want to be. I am filling the space left by anxiety with excitement. I am identifying more with my creative side. and feeling the spark of joy within me.” - L.P.



"Nancy’s compassion and caring, along with her wisdom and motivation to help people to heal and grow are extraordinary assets. She empowers and encourages people to become more whole and healthy and provides the guidance they need on their journey. I have also experienced the QNRT process with Nancy and have been very satisfied and surprised by the information that was accessed. I invite you to try it for yourself and be amazed at what shows up. I highly recommend her and believe you will be pleased with your experience." - J.M.



“Miracles are alive and well for me because this technology disintegrated these old, unhealthy patterns quickly and effectively. They are gone, really gone from my life. I have walked through a new door into a place of creativity and freedom. I am so grateful for this phenomenal outcome. Nancy's skill in facilitating QNRT is exceptional. I recommend her and this process without reservation.”   -V.H.



“I have had two QNRT sessions with Nancy on the same subject. The first left me fundamentally changed, and rather shaken for a few days.  Quite powerful. The second moved me forward further and left me strong and relaxed.  I have left behind almost all my resentment in that relationship and it is freeing! All with little effort on my part, which is part of the beauty of the process.” - S.R. 



For anyone who is looking for a direct way to grow and develop a more meaningful understanding of yourself, take the opportunity to try QNRT. You will be surprised and absolutely not disappointed.” - C.M.



“After three sessions with Nancy, my negative thoughts no longer play like background music in my life. I have more energy. Nancy’s combined skills paired with the QNRT process have helped me break through some destructive mindsets and see more possibilities in my life. I feel the relief daily.” - T.O.