Freedom From Unconscious Programs of the Past Using QNRT

My article on QNRT was featured in the May edition of the Edge Magazine, a publication for Holistic living and health and wellness. Read below to understand more about how QNRT works and how it can be beneficial.

Many people seek to understand and heal the root causes behind negative behaviors and emotions that keep them stuck, and there are several tools which address this: Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Brain Spotting, to name a few. All of these methods identify an issue that causes you stress, then work in various ways to desensitize your reaction to that stressor. 

I have experienced all of these methods and have high regard for them all. However, there are many issues that are stored in our subconscious brain that we aren’t aware of that are affecting our behavior, and those are harder to reach. 

When we repeat unhealthy behaviors or draw the same negative experiences into our life, there is usually an unconscious belief or negative pattern running us, often from our family of origin. Consciously trying to change that behavior doesn’t work until we learn WHY we are doing it and where the belief comes from, and release the trauma that is stored in our nervous system. But how do we find an unconscious belief or negative pattern? Fortunately, there is a protocol that was created just for that purpose, called QNRT — Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy. Read More

Nancy Saslow